The Next Thing and a #CoverReveal

What’s been keeping me so busy this summer? I’m glad you asked! It’s incredibly exciting, actually. A few months ago, I received the rights back from Berkley on my debut novel, THE BELLY DANCER, as well as its follow-up, DANCING AT THE CHANCE. Whoo-hoo!

I’m now in the process of re-editing, reformatting, and re-everything-ing with both of them, and I’m nearly finished. I’m so close to finished with THE BELLY DANCER that I’m excited to announce it has a brand new title. Say goodbye to THE BELLY DANCER, and say hello to THE GIRL ON THE MIDWAY STAGE. Also, it will be Book 1 in my newly formed Dancer Chronicles.

And there’s a publishing date: September 6. Just a few weeks away! I still have more work to do, but I thought you might like a peek at the new cover.

The Girl on the Midway Stage by DeAnna Cameron


Do you like it? I hope so! I’ll have more to share about it soon, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll head over to Goodreads and add it to your To-Read list 🙂

Thanks and happy reading!

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