ANOTHER DANCE is out today & just 99 cents!

Are you ready for ANOTHER DANCE: A SEXY SHORT STORY (California Belly Dance Romance Book 3)?

This brand-new short picks up Taz & Melanie’s story a day after Dance with Me ends. And you did notice that “sexy” disclaimer, right? This story is steamier than the novel, but it’s not my fault! I blame it on Taz & Melanie. They may be passionate about music and dance, but they’re even more passionate about each other… You’ve been warned 😉


AnotherDanceRomance_ebookHere’s more about the story:

Life couldn’t be better for celebrity drummer Taz Roman, and it has everything to do with his new girlfriend, Melanie Drake. They’re in perfect sync—onstage and between the sheets.

He’s convinced love might finally be on his side. She’s not so sure. The sex is great, but the closer they get to embarking on their world tour—with all those adoring and beautiful fans who clamor for his attention—the more she wants to do what she’s always done: run away.

Will a sexy night of passion be a final farewell, or can it finally bring them together for good?


Start your week with some sizzle. You know you wanna 🙂

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