A Very Busy Week Indeed

This has been a busy week. ANOTHER DANCE officially came out on Monday, and I revived a historical fantasy story I started a few years ago. Since this new story is something entirely different from the California Belly Dance Romance series, I thought I might take the opportunity to try out Wattpad. I’ve uploaded a few parts so far (under the name D.D. Croix) and plan to add new installments each week. I have no previous experience with Wattpad, but I LOVE this story and I thought this might be a good way to figure out if other people will like it, too.

Want to have a look?

Dragonfly Maid, The Queen's Fayte Chronicles, by D.D. Croix***



The servants in Queen Victoria’s Balmoral Castle aren’t all what they seem …

Especially not Jane Shackle, a young maid who has as many questions about her past as she has about her place in the Queen’s household. For as long as she can remember, she’s been able to see into the past of others, which makes the dark void of her own history that much harder to accept. Still, the whispers she’s overheard from those around her – of a special destiny, a higher purpose – have spawned grand hopes. And now a mysterious summons has arrived…

Read the story as it grows on Wattpad. Click the logo to get started:



If you’re wondering if this means I’m putting the California Belly Dance Romance Series on hold, the answer is a resounding no. I have a new novel with a new character at the Shimmy Shop plotted out, and I’m planning to have it complete before Christmas. Wish me luck!


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