Gaslight Gathering 6: The Photos!

It’s Monday, and I’m almost recovered from this weekend’s crazy incredible Gaslight Gathering 6 in San Diego. The monster panels with Gail Carriger and David Lee Summers were fantastic, and definitely a high point for me. Meeting the lovely people who stopped by the Traveling Suitcase of Swag at the Floating Flea Market and Victor Von Frankenstein’s Monster Ball were others.

In fact, I was having so much fun that I forgot to take photos most of the time, but I do have a few to share. So let’s get started…


Gail Carriger Corset

Lovely Gail Carriger is not only a master storyteller, but darn crafty when it comes to embellishing a corset. Yes, those are real teaspoons and they are magnificent!

Dude Vader at Gaslight Gathering 6

Dude Vader made another appearance this year in all his Steampunk-styled, toy-inspired glory.

Teapot Racers at Gaslight Gathering 6

I didn’t realize Tea Pot Racing is the sport I’ve been waiting for all my life. Honestly, how can you resist all that cuteness?

splash at Gaslight Gathering 6

The SPLASH Water Ballet was back this year and better than ever. The choreography was set to the Flash Gordon theme, and, yes, it was awesome.

Ruby Gloom Purse

This young lady melted my heart with her Ruby Gloom purse. Can you believe she was the only one in the audience at Sunday’s monster panel familiar with Ruby Gloom? I couldn’t either 🙂

Mr. Steampunk Pokemon

This dapper gentleman is perfectly outfitted to play a Steampunk version of Pokemon Go, with Poke Balls and a catcher. But wait, there’s more….

Mrs Steampunk Pokemon and the Cthulini

His lovely wife is the keeper of the ultra-rare Cthul-ini monster. She created them all, he says, in less than two weeks. That, people, is the sign of a true maker genius.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. If you were at Gaslight, share some of your favorite moments in the comments section.

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